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Aluminium doors have become an increasingly popular choice for both homes and offices in the Western Cape. We are the market leaders in Aluminium doors repairs and installations in Cape Town. With many years of experience we pride ourselves in service excellence, lower cost solutions and a competitive staff. We are service providers to the Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Maritime industry sectors.

All of our Aluminium doors go through stringent quality checks before arriving at your home or business, and an on-site supervisor will ensure that installation is done to the highest standard. Metal Windows is an innovative company that remains up to date with trends and is constantly on the lookout for the best products to offer you, for over 55 years.

Not only do they add visual appeal to sleek, modern designs, but they also come with a number of benefits to the owner.

Contact Metal Windows  on 021 448 4333 to fit or repair Aluminium doors and our Sales consultants will gladly assist.

Why you should install Aluminium Doors

  • Aluminium doors are extremely weather resistant – making them ideal for a coastal environment. Our patented BarsDamp® System ensures that extreme weather conditions are never a problem, while our unique 5-year warranty shows just how much confidence we have in our workmanship.
  • The hard Aluminium surface is resistant to dents or damage. This also ensures increased security as well as low maintenance and easy cleaning of your doors.
  • Aluminium is much cheaper than timber and also offers great value for money. When you think about the long run, aluminium doors are a great option
  • Aluminium doors do not rust or discolour which makes it easy and cheap to maintain it.
  • Aluminium looks better – When it comes to home design, aluminium is the perfect material of contemporary architecture.
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