Cape talk Larry Forman for Kieno Kammies

Kieno asked me to write a short specification to assist the listening public in avoiding this potential problem with their Aluminium windows. Avoiding the threat of burglary access through Aluminium windows.

  • The Aluminium window industry is fragmented and the barriers to entry are very low, because of this, there are many small time, unregulated window assemblers in the city.  The Aluminium window systems that are generic in our area have many interchangeable parts.
  • As these businesses are unregulated, windows can be assembled from mismatched generic components. This leads to serious quality issues.
  • For the security (also quality and water-tightness) of your new Aluminium windows you must be sure that you are dealing with a recognized, experienced window company with a solid reputation with multiple contactable references for work similar to yours. You can ask the Master Builders Association for a reference.
  • The company will employ complete systems with all components intended and designed to work together to create a quality product.
  • Do not be fooled by a low price offer. In order to achieve a low price, the person you are tempted to work with must have cut some corners.  The windows will either leak or be susceptible to burglary or both. Be very wary of a low price. “Goedkoop is duurkoop”
  • There are three critical components in the way that glass is held in an Aluminium window frame.
  • The glass itself. There is a substantial variety of glass thicknesses. The thickness of the glass will be a significant determinant of the wedge or locking gasket design.
  • The wedge/ locking gasket. The black PVC or Neoprene strip inserted on the inside of the frame, between the frame and the inside of the glass.

This must be a very tight fit. When this wedge gasket is installed it must be hammered into place, literally.

  • The clip in Aluminium beading itself.  This is the square or sloping section visible in front of the glass on the outside.  This beading intended to clip firmly into the Aluminium frame.  The beading locks into the frame under the glass and on the outside of the frame at the same time.

The beading is locked in place when the wedge/ locking gasket is fitted on the inside of the glass. In each instance, the design of the glass thickness, the shape of the beading and the associated shape of the wedge/ locking gasket is critical to achieve both water-tightness and security.

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