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Conduit Interiors, For Clients: Trinity

Pioneers in the ‘Internet Of Things’, Trinity brings together the best, most experienced minds in the business to develop solutions for machine-to-machine communication

With transparency at the core of their business, Trinity tasked Conduit Interior with re-imagining their office layout and design to create a light-filled energetic space while at the same time transforming previously dead spaces into welcoming user-friendly hubs.

Conduit identified the key problematic factors being spatial flow and lighting. These issues were tackled by introducing a secondary circulation passageway and new central meeting rooms using Forman Brand steel & glass screens to maximize transparency and access to natural light.

Photos thanks to Chris Maclements

Conduit commissioned (multiple) bespoke murals by Ilustrator & Graffiti artist Chris Macclements  contextualizing the iconic street art found in the surrounding industrial neighborhoods.

“….We embarked on a project to make our office space more of an aspirational living space. After months of working from home we all realized that our perception of the work space we wanted to live in during the day had altered” Ross Hickey, founder & CEO of Trinity.

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