Enkeldoord - Greyton Home - Metal Windows

Enkeldoorn – Greyton Home

No matter in which space you stand, there’s a distinct sense of connectedness permeating this eclectic abode in Greyton. Every room offers glimpses of the surrounding landscape, ensuring that the structure is inexorably linked to its environment.

Bagged brickwork walls painted charcoal form the backdrop for bold colourful design details synchronized with the owners collection of art, sculpture and textiles . Custom designed steel doors and windows occupy much of the wall space. Tall, steel & glass fronted gable ends and giant steel  doors that slide away are all a means of drawing the outside in. A visual feast of beautiful textures  include chocolate leather sofas, opulent rugs,  floors which move from concrete screed, through checkerboard tiles and brick paving. Industrial aesthetic steel windows juxtaposed with oversized corduroy fat saks, stainless steel kitchen appliances, exposed wooden beams, glass tile and cane.

Four bedroom suites face onto the expansive back garden. The ground floor two with steel doors directly to the outside. Their upstairs counterparts share the same curtain wall reaching up to the peak of the gable ends, maximizing light and views. A fifth bedroom is tucked into the eves, a hideaway with views of the countryside.  Steel bathroom windows have obscure glass, translucent to retain light and maintain privacy.

The architect is Richard Perfect. The builder Dave Williams of Greyton Building  Services. The photographer is Riaan Lourens. All windows & doors are FORMAN Brand steel, custom designed and exclusive to Metal Windows.

Greyton is a place for the body and soul. Fresh air, clean water, beautiful surroundings, walking and cycling, massages, good food, freshly brewed beer…. the list goes on and on.

Enkeldoord - Greyton Home - Metal Windows

Dave Williams:

  • Cell – 079 282 5702 / 028 254 9156.
  • Email – greybs@b360.co.za
  • https://www.hellogreyton.co.za/listing/greyton-building-services/

Richard Perfect:

  • Cell – 021 462 1333
  • http://cifa.org.za/practice/richard-perfect-architects/

Riaan Lourens

  • https://lourensrossouwphotography.weebly.com/
  • http://www.greytontourism.com/