HERO Harrington House

Metal Windows new installation for Blend Property Group at Harrington House, a trendy, multi-tenanted commercial building in the heart of the Cape Town CBD. Design by Stefan Rademan of Kube Architecture. Larry created a custom design solution, using a combination of steel framing with aluminium inserts. All products are FORMAN Brand exclusive to Metal Windows. There is a unique design element in the entrance to each tenancy which frames each door, with a bold architrave finish. This clearly delineates the access point to each business. This system allows for customization eg changing out steel for aluminium or wood, plus changes in depth and size.

Harrington House tenants include Impact Clinics – Health Care that is Dynamic, Personal and Lifestyle-focused; The Craft and Design Institute (CDI) promotes and supports the growth craft and design businesses and the sector in South Africa ; Goldhouse Apartments – holiday flats to rent on Airbnb and Saint Champagne Bar & Lounge.