House Campbell, Devil’s Peak

As featured in Dwell Magazine ( August 2020 ) and VISI Magazine ( October 2020 )

Architect Michael Lumby in connection with Larry of Metal Windows custom designed the steel window and door products using Forman Brand systems with ‘eco friendly’ and ‘ low maintenance’ being the focus.

Features include a guest bathroom with a window that is also a basin. The steel window sill tilts down. A small gap above the sill allows the water to run directly into the garden.

Being a high wind area, an out of the box ventilation solution is tiny steel doors inserted into steel panels adjoining all fixed pane windows.

The massive steel sliding door off of the lounge has the option to slide open both ways and a box has been hidden into the wall into which the door hides away completely.

Photos by Riaan Lourens of Lourens Rossouw Photography
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