A customer for whom we have done many projects called us in when he decided to enlarge his home. This Llandudno home was given a completely new lease on life via the creation of many new large volume window and door openings.

llandudno - Metal Windows

Metal Windows installed massive white powder coated aluminium sliding doors opening the house out to the various levels. As this is a high wind area, high specification glass and heavier gauge aluminium were used for both their thermal properties and their sound proofing value. Metal Windows also designed wind barriers which surround the pool area and allow the family to enjoy this area even on a windy day! Welded pressings and flashing installations ensure a waterproof solution to the new addition.

The stylish white powder coated finish was carried through the windows as well as all the exterior doors. The renovation was designed to optimise light, ventilation and views and to maximize flow, completing the customers’ design vision and tying up the interior detail.

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