Metal Windows specialises in custom windows & doors, retrofits, renovations and servicing. We offer various products, including Aluminium or Steel windows and doors as well as ….

  • New and replacement windows and doors
  • Aluminium sliding windows and doors
  • Aluminium and Steel windows and doors
  • Balcony enclosures
  • Servicing, repair and re-installations
  • Leak fixing and damp solutions
  • Full time on-site supervision
  • Free quotes, advice and troubleshooting
  • Conservatories
  • Restaurant, retail display and renovations
  • Hospitality conversions

We offer FORMAN Brand, superior quality products, supported by and exclusive to Metal Windows, Cape Town’s premier window and door company.

The FORMAN Brand

After 30 years of refinement, based on our hard won industry experience, Metal Windows has launched the FORMAN Brand series of Aluminium and Steel windows and doors.

Each individual FORMAN Brand series system (for example the FORMAN F1 – Heavy duty casement system, or the FORMAN F10 heavy duty sliding door system) has been repeatedly reworked to refine the built-in quality characterising the systems generally.

The focus of our design efforts has been always to produce and install windows and doors that are able to stand up to Cape weather, and to achieve an aesthetic which matches or supports your design.

Metal Windows ground breaking warranties and excellence in customer service are perfect complements to the newly launched FORMAN Brand Series.

Our recently opened showroom, was designed by Haldane Martin to enable us to show you exactly, what the FORMAN Series of windows and doors have to offer you. We invite you to come in and enjoy our expertise without obligation during working hours. Please call in advance to set up a specific appointment with your favourite Metal Windows expert.

See you there soon!

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