Silvertree Estate Constantia

In this Constantia family home we were requested to design an addition to enclose the open patio creating a sun room leading off the living room and kitchen. The client wanted a powder coated aluminium finish but, with a slim line “steel look”.

The units we designed are manufactured using FORMAN Brand F10 units  (exclusive to Metal Windows) with “colonial bars”. Very careful planning went into getting all the panes around the room to line up perfectly. To keep all the panes the same size and ensure horizontal lines all aligned a heavy section was used at the top of the fixed pane units to mimic the sliding sashes of the doors.

The new aluminium FORMAN Brand products perfected the finish  on this beautifully renovated family home. The result is contemporary, welcoming space with a smooth transitional flow between the interior and the garden.  Thanks to Metal Windows sales representative Allan Flack for the photos.

silvertree estate constantia - aluminium - metal windows

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