Springfield Convent School Music Annex

The new Annex showcases and celebrates the talents of its ever-growing Music Department.

The School needed a series of additional facilities, such as acoustically appropriate practice venues for band, marimba and ensemble, as well as small practice rooms, offices and a large theory classroom.

Special design details were specified

For sound attenuation and to create acoustic quality within the spaces. Metal Windows worked according to specs from MacHoy sound engineers. The SPCS Music Annexe was designed by Architects Charlotte Chamberlain & Nicola Irving of

CCNIA and Tarna Klitzner of TKLA.

The first floor sets back and sits lower in scale than the existing buildings. Sight lines across to the main Music Building from the Chapel entrance and vice versa were important resulting in a first floor stage. The rich acoustic quality of the building is a delight.

Metal Windows Springfield Convent Hero
Metal Windows Springfield Convent
Metal Windows Springfield