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The Forman Brand is unique to Metal Windows, Cape Town’s premier window & door company. Forman Brand Aluminium and Steel systems were developed in house by Larry Forman and his team. Using this proprietary system, every window and door is custom designed.

In line with Metal Windows innovative approach to window and door design, the team has recently created a brand new super-slim  steel-look, Aluminium system – The F16. This is just one of a series of Forman Brand systems based on hard won industry experience and 30 years of refinement. Forman Brand, superior quality products are supported by and exclusive to Metal Windows


The Metal Windows difference is about personalised service and 60 years’ experience. We take extreme care to specify and produce weather-rated and tested window systems and to detail the connection between the window opening  whether brick, concrete, steel or wood], always ensuring guaranteed watertight installations.We custom make and fit windows and doors to order, never “off-the-shelf”.


Metal Windows provides a dedicated personal supervisor on each new installation to give you  peace of mind and to act as you  go-to person for any queries or concerns you may have for the duration of your installation or renovation project.You will derive great  pleasure from your new windows and doors. We understand that the process can be stressful and disruptive. Your supervisor will make sure you have a clean, safe, dust-free environment.  Your supervisor will be your liaison.


Larry developed the patented Metal Windows BarsDamp® system to combat damp and water ingress associated with our severe Cape Town weather.  We install BarsDamp® in all our installations to mitigate against water ingress which often ensues after a window is replaced without regard to the damage done to the existing dpc (damp proof course) details while removing the old window. Without BarsDamp® a new installation can often cause a window opening to become damp at the sill and an unnecessary disappointing outcome for the building owner.The system also  allows for the in-situ repair of leaking Aluminium windows and can be employed on installation of new windows to prevent the inevitable leaking around new window and door products that occurs as a result of the poor level of construction detailing, in openings common today.


In the unlikely event of any malfunction of our windows or doors due to faulty workmanship or defective materials within a period of five [5] years from date of installation, we undertake to repair such windows and doors [inclusive of parts and labour] free of charge.This warranty does not extend to fair wear and tear, damage by reason of an Act of God, fire, forced entry, civil disturbance or any abnormal or unreasonable use or misuse of such windows and doors. Please note, our warranty is not valid unless full payment has been made within the stipulated timeframe.


We check your frames for quality in the factory and prior to coming on site. Frames are thoroughly checked a final time by the Metal Windows service team before installation. We look for consistency with our shop drawings, consistency of finish, tight joints, hardware specifications, correct glass and do random water testing before installation.