Tramways Building – Woodstock

The new “Tramways Building” on Victoria Rd, Woodstock is opposite the Golden Arrow Bus Services depot.  Metal Windows have installed all the interior & exterior Steel window & door products.  Larry custom designed massive scale windows extremely deep set into the concrete frame with a steel architrave lining. These 3m x1.6m windows create a very striking contrast between perfectly smooth black steel frames & the rough concrete surrounds.  In contrast to the deep set windows is the super light FORMAN F7 modular steel system with thin sight lines, exclusive to MW.

The building comprises an original brick section and a newer concrete frame section. The architect’ vision was to a retain a memory of the original buildings ’windows and tie it together with the new construction.  Within the original window openings, recessed bricks were infilled, and then into this space steel, smaller Steel windows were inserted. The same deep, steel lined profiles were employed.

Mullen & Lowe SA advertising  agency are the anchor tenants, within their offices MW have custom manufactured their FORMAN F7 interior steel office partitions which create privacy while maintaining natural light  and flow. The building was designed by  L+L architects for client Velocity Films. The Builders on site- R+N Construction and Brice Construction.


L+L Architects
Mullen & Lowe
Velocity Films
Brice Construction –
R+N construction
Guy Lerner Photography