• Watershed VA Waterfront - Metal Windows
Watershed VA Waterfront - Metal Windows

Watershed Craft Market

What once was a power station and later The Blue Shed Market has become a powerhouse of design and creativity.  The original Blue Shed Market was redeveloped as the Watershed Market at the V&A Waterfront.  Metal Windows was involved in the renovation of both the redesigned exterior and the new interior space.

The renovation  saw the incorporation of the existing (historical) adjacent building.  The multi-use space houses a market (curated craft), retail, wellness and commercial space as well as offices.  Larry worked together with architect Heinrich Wolff of Wolff Architects.

The transformation of the building saw a better use of the double volume height utilising the existing structure.  Architect Heinrich Wolff approached the project in a manner that addressed the position of the Blue Shed as a physical obstacle between the Two Oceans Aquarium and the rest of the V&A Waterfront, on an urban level. The area has become a natural walkway that  greatly benefits the surrounding environment and provides an effective urban connection.

Metal windows work included: On the southern façade, looking out over the Robinson Dry Dock and Table Mountain, corrugated sheeting was replaced by  Steel and glass curtainwall.  Steel framing of the double volume curtain wall elevation, glazed with high performance acoustic glass. This ensures an abundance of natural light.

Metal Windows did a later retrofit  for Workshop 17.  Larry had to be creative about recreating the industrial look even though using Aluminium.  The specification included Aluminium windows, sliding doors and panel dividers to subdivide the offices to match the structural Steel components.  Larry custom designed these to create an aesthetically pleasing result.

In the commercial space – a new 45m x 45m mezzanine has been created suspended from the roof trusses.  In the mezzanine, Metal Windows created partitions between the  socialization and event spaces, which offers public access to the viewing decks. With the incorporation of the existing historical Workshop 17 space, the market now offers more than 1500 square metres of trading space.  Metal Windows is proud to add the Watershed to their portfolio of work done at the iconic V&A Waterfront.

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