Caltex V&A Waterfront

The Caltex project for the V&A Waterfront was undertaken in 2 phases. The project was started in 2012 and completed in 2013.

Phase 1 of the V&A Caltex project entailed Metal Windows,  repurposing of a 40m-long leaking sky light. The solution that we effected completely removed the glass from the existing skylight frame. We  rebuilt and modified frame  and added new glazing to create a new “glass skin”. In this way not only was the problem of  the leak resolved, but the aesthetic appearance of the roof was (cost-effectively) improved.

Phase 2 of Metal  Windows involvement included the reworking of an old failed  curtain wall system. This was done with aluminum and glass framing.The end result is the iconic home to both Caltex SA and Vespa Motorcycles, at the V&A

Waterfront’s Northern entrance.

Caltex V&A Waterfront - Metal Windows - Outside View_

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